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I’m Brielle – a total wine nerd with a serious travel bug. I love finding unique wines from small producers and sharing my passion for wine with others. I started out by teaching wine classes in a few New York City wine shops, and then founded Viva la Vino to make learning about wine approachable and fun. I pride myself in bringing a fun, interactive approach to wine tasting and education, and believe that wine is only good if YOU like it. I'm here to help you figure out exactly what you like, and why.I like to bring a mix of wines you've seen on the shelf in your local shop but haven't tried yet along with wines you may have never heard of before -- oftentimes, these end up being guests' favorites. I love that wine is a combination of history, sociology, language, and geography -- and I like to bring in the story behind each wine we taste. There are so many ways history has shaped the wines we'll try together, and the story is often as interesting as what's in the glass in front of you.I can't wait to sip and savor wines with you and your group. See you soon!

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