Smokin' Some Meats

July 15, 2021

We talk about Telesomm being for the 🍲 home cook and the 🕺 dinner party-thrower,but what exactly do:🍷wine consultationand👯 a mess of people in your househave to do with each other?If your love language is cooking for others you're a special breed. Your gift is like alchemy - turning a few grocery items into a moment, a memory, a sensory joy.Maybe your meals become the background, maybe they shine in the foreground, but either way they bring people together, fuel their bodies, & tickle their senses.And from there?The vibeThe conversationThe connectionIt all just flows.Telesomm wine professionals speak this sensory body + mind language too.For them?Wine and food pairings are the key to vibe creation, connection making, those nights to remember.It's the same language.How can you, with your super skills in the kitchen, use Telesomm to add a new dimension to your hang sessions?Get *specifically tailored* pairings to your menu, budget, and preferences. Send our telesomms your recipes and they'll check out what's at your favorite #local wine shops and give you some expert recs!With Telesomm, you always have options:1.Book a menu planning consultation with @lourdesofthevine,or a food and wine pairing session with @zojopairs @rosensoirees @acorkintheroad2.Get a text-a-somm subscription and start a conversation with a somm that can go from Sunday meal prep days to Friday night 4 course meal for six3.Check out our YouTube channel for free wine tips from our wine popup events like "Food and Friends," and "Bubbles & Friends". 🧡PS. I learned to trim my brisket for smoking from The Dawgfatha’s BBQ channel

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