Wine Seasons

April 22, 2021

One thing to love about this earth is SEASONS. Also SEASONINGS. Also SAISONS. But back to seasons.In Alaska we have two seasons: winter and construction<Drumroll please thank you I'll be here all week>No we actually have this other season called break up. And it's not like, make a mixtape with just "Tyrone" on repeat for 90 minutes - it's the time of year when all the snow and ice from the winter season melts.Breakup season, the most messy and dynamic and glorious season:🌞 17+ hrs a day of light,🎽 go outside with just 1 layer of clothing on (wild),🧊 melty in the day but freezey overnight,🌱 You see grass for the first time in 180 days.‍🌈 & That's just the precursor to what's coming next: the sheer and utter madness of near constant daylight that is the short but deafeningly grand Alaskan summer.‍🍷 And if people are like "drink reds in winter and 💗 roses in summer" then what wines should we drink in this heady, quixotic, squishy, decadently dirty season?‍🍝 Tonight my guy made spicy moose ragu with tagliatelli (nests!) & I poured myself a chilled pais after a truly crazy (good) day and I thought, is this it? Have I found my breakup wine?

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